The Team

The Team

You are only as good as the company you keep.

Jacqueline O’Toole

Managing Director/ Certified Pole Dance Instructor

I have always loved to dance, and am fortunate to have come from a long family history of talented dancers. Recognizing my passion for dance my parents had me in ballet and jazz at The Peter Stanton School of Dance from a very young age. I continued my dance training into my late teens and in 2013 I discovered Pole Dancing and fell in love. I trained for a couple years before I was asked to become an instructor, which was something I had never really considered. After I taught my first class I had found my new passion!

I am passionate about teaching and coaching people on their fitness journeys! I love watching people gain confidence in themselves and realize their own incredible potential. I enjoy being there to help and guide my clients every step of the way. If someone is looking to lose 10 lbs, or training to compete at Nationals, and everywhere in between, their journey becomes my journey and we accomplish it together.

I completed my CPFA certification is 2015 and continue my own training and education regularly. I feel that there is never enough we can learn and I understand how important it is to stay up-to-date for my own teaching.

Over time my passion for dance and teaching has grown into a passion for health, fitness and wellness. I decided to open the doors to Body Evolution Studios in July of 2015 and my studio is so much more than just fitness classes, it is a place where people come and feel amazing about themselves; we talk, we laugh, we cry but more importantly we grow together and we support each other.

Adrian Leclerc

Senior Executive Assistant

Growing up Adrian hated dance classes (really, she hated anything that required moving). It is only in the past few years that her interest in dance evolved. She started dancing at the studio in April 2017 and despite her self-confidence issues she competed in the Great White North Pole Competition in August of the same year (all thanks to Jacqueline).

Adrian never thought she would work at a dance studio (or in administration) given her background in zoology and animal care, but when Jacqueline offered her the position she couldn’t refuse. She is the one who manages all the accounts and scheduling and likely the one texting/emailing you.

This year is a busy year for her as she is trying to quickly learn all the tasks associated with her position here, is still working part time at an emergency vet clinic, planning her wedding for next fall, AND doing her MA in Anthrozoology, all while trying to get healthier.

Libby Ives

Certified Pole Dance Instructor

Libby discovered pole dance in early 2011 while studying abroad in Queensland, Australia. After returning to Canada, as well as continuing her own training, she completed her CPFA certifications and began teaching at multiple studios throughout south-central Ontario. She currently works as an instructor at Brass Belles, Aradia Fitness Mississauga, Brass Bombshells, and here at Body Evolution Studios.
In addition to teaching, Libby is a professional pole competitor and performer. She has been participating in Canadian competitions for the past 5 years, and in 2017 expanded into international competitions, including the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and the Pole Classic competition at Pole Expo in Las Vegas. Libby is known for her clean lines, controlled movement style, and story-telling performances.


Ilona Muraca

Belly Dance Instructor

Ilona began her training in Middle Eastern Dance in 1998. She was immediately enthralled with the music and movements which led her to explore and study the many different styles of belly dance. Over the years, she has had the pleasure of performing regularly at popular restaurants, private functions, weddings, multi-cultural events, and celebrations.

As a belly dance instructor, she has had the gratification of motivating hundreds of women, teens, and children wiggle and shake their way to a healthier life.

Ilona’s classes are all about fun and variety with an emphasis on technique and improvisation. All of her classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere. They begin with a yoga-inspired warm up, functional strength exercises, movement drills and stretch.

All ages, shapes, and abilities are welcome to join Ilona’s class as each is adapted to suit the students’ needs.

Some tips for class, please wear comfortable clothing that shows the body line and bring a scarf to tie around your hips. Classes are done barefoot.

Tia Maria


Tia helps bring comedic relief to the studio and a sense of light heartedness. Tia is a sense of anxiety relief for Jacqueline as well as others, life many pets are for their owners and people.  She loves greeting everyone who stops by (especially if they have treats), but she also completely understands if you need her to leave before you arrive.