Feel Right Health – Mobile Wellness

Jonathan Sargent,

Life Coach, International Diplomat in Biofeedback, International Instructor of Biofeedback. Certified in nutrition, detoxification, parasite cleansing, and weight management.

For over twenty years, Jonathan has been an advocate for the holistic health system. Having been raised in a family of holistic health practitioners and then opening his first practice in 2005, Jonathan has lived and breathed this mantra for many years.  After studying in seven countries, he shared his knowledge and skills with his clients by creating a holistic approach to their individual needs.

The success of his work and the improvements of his client’s health was acknowledged by his peers and he was able to continue this success with presentations for the international medical community. Following his adventure into the professional global world of health practitioners, he established an online university for holistic health practitioners to continue their advancement in their field with more than 30 modalities covered.

After a decade in the industry, presenting and practicing, Jonathan has decided to take his practice mobile!

Feel Right Health – Mobile Wellness brings their services to you! At home, in the office, or in the studio, they’re here to help!

Utilizing advanced biofeedback technologies and detoxification methods, Feel Right Health – Mobile Wellness will guide you on your personal path to well-being.

Specializing in detoxification, nutrition, and weight management, our goal is to reach the cause of your symptoms by creating a customized program for your individual needs.

Let us help you feel right again! With Feel Right Health – Mobile Wellness!

Now available at Body Evolution Studios on Main St. Newmarket!