Feel Right Health- Mobile Wellness: Pricing and Packages

Ionic Detox Footbath:




This service includes a 30 minute ionic detox footbath plus a therapeutic foot massage. Detoxing the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, which will assist in removing yeast, heavy metals, nicotine, and uric acid debris from the body.

Single session – $45

Five sessions – $180








This service utilizes the healing powers of vibrational PEMF medicine. Delivered by the AmpCoil device, which is powered by the BetterGuide App. This intuitive technology receives feedback from your body while guiding it to health, all with the power of sound. Learn more about the AmpCoil here:  https://youtu.be/mCfSCHhNkoA

Single session – $75

Five sessions – $300


AmpCoil + Ion Detox Footbath:

Single session: $120

Five sessions: $480


Holistic Health Program Coaching:







The journey through any health program can be confusing and time consuming. We have more resources than ever with the Internet, but we have ended up with information overload, plus there is plenty of misinformation too. Our knowledge and experience makes this process easier to understand and follow. We get to understand your history and current symptoms in order to create a customized program to meet your goals in a realistic manner. We specialize in detoxification, parasite cleansing, nutrition, and weight management.



Holistic Health Program Shopping:






Once a program has been created for you, the daunting task of buying and organizing your supplies awaits. We take the confusion out of the equation by being your personal shopper. Not only will we source your supplies and purchase them on your behalf but we will also organize them for you according to your program.