Class Descriptions

At Body Evolution Studios we have a variety of classes for all fitness and artistic levels. All of our classes emphasize proper technique to prevent injury while allowing individuals to work at their own pace. Each class is designed to train the proper muscle groups for the techniques being taught and prepare for the next level of classes.

We believe it is important to split up classes not only by degree of difficulty but also by style. We strive to produce well-rounded dancers.

Group Fitness Classes


This class combines elements from a variety of backgrounds to provide a full body workout that can be modified for any group. Elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training are combined to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, and dynamic stability. This class is opened to all levels and requires no prior experience. Have fun with this safe and effective barre program!

Buns & Thighs

This group class focuses on toning and strengthening your legs and glutes. In sculpting a beautiful lower body we use Ballet inspired exercises, resistance training equipment, and light weights.


A group class that is designed to work your entire core from shoulders to hips with Pilates-inspired exercises, body weight and light weights guaranteed to challenge you like never before.

You will experience better posture and a stronger core.

Dancers Stretch

With a focus on proper form and levers, this athletic therapist designed class is designed to increase joint play, muscle flexibility and overall range of motion, in order to reduce muscle tightness and spasm, and help with overall muscle recovery and performance.

This is a slow paced class allowing for one-on-one assistance and individual modifications as needed.

Dance Fit

Aerobic exercise using dance movements. Burn to the beat in this high energy cardio workout class made up of fun, simple dance routines to an hour of popular music! Similar to Zumba, but with more pop-based music and movements. Classes are run in sessions, 8 classes to get used to the same hour of choreographed dances before moving on to a fresh new session of songs and choreo!

Full Body Burn

This group class offers a metabolic workout that will blast through fat. Intervals and special exercises will give you a head to toe workout. This program is for those looking to achieve weight loss, toning, and building lean muscles. All fitness levels are welcome.


Our Pilates class will help you increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance through a series of low-impact exercises. This class is great for improving core strength, muscle balance, and postural alignment.

Yoga with Andrea

Stretch, strengthen, breathe and unwind. Any level experience and ability are welcome. Andrea caters her classes to the needs of her students. Take some time and do something good for yourself.

Yoga with Cait

Cait’s yoga class focuses on gentle yoga with meditation. This class is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of yoga and gain an understanding of its features.

This class focuses on holding and relaxing into the poses, optimal alignment and posture, adjusting poses to suit your body and connecting to the breath. Some classes may also be themed, focusing on a particular area of the body or feeling.

Please bring a blanket to class with you to class. If you have any straps or blocks, please bring those with you as well to help with adjustments.

Group Pole:

Transitions Level 1:

Transitions level 1 is an introductory class to moving with the pole. Learn how to properly hold and move using the pole along with some fun body moves and pole slides. Anyone can take this class from seasoned dancers to individuals who have never touched a pole.

Transitions Level 2:

Transitions level 2 introduces more complex ways to travel using the pole along with some more demanding floor work. This class will have you spinning on your toes and rolling on the floor to increase your ability to transition seamlessly between movements.

Spins Level 1:

This class is an introduction to the basics spins of pole dancing. These spins are the foundation for all other spins. We will teach you how to properly perform each spin on both a static and spinning pole as well as modifications for each spin.

Spins Level 2:

This class expands upon the spins taught in the Level 1 Spins class. As with the Level 1 Spins class, each spin is taught on a static and spinning pole along with modifications.

Choreography Level 1:

Combine all the transitions you’ve learned into a new choreography each week in this exciting floor work choreography class.

Choreography Level 2:

Bring your choreography to the next level by adding some spins to the mix. Like Choreography Level 1 you will learn a new choreography each week but this time we will add spins in with the transitions.

 Choreography Level 3:

Take it up a notch with climbs. Learn how to introduce the vertical components of pole dancing to your choreography. Each week will be a new choreography showing you how to incorporate the vertical aspects of pole dancing.

Choreography Level 4:

Show everyone the beauty of inversions by including them in your choreography while learning new ways to incorporate tricks into your choreography each week.

Combos Level 1:

In this class, we combine the Level 1 Spins with transitions. The focus will be on learning how to transition between spins smoothly. During each class, a new combination of spins and transitions will be taught, creating a short choreography.

Combo Level 2:

Similar to the Combo Level 1 class, this class will focus on learning to transition smoothly between spins. We amp things up a little by including all spins and all transitions.

 Conditioning Level 1-4:

Drills, holds, and more drills. There are 4 different levels of conditioning. Each level is meant to help strengthen and engage the muscles required for you to move to the next level of your training. This is the place to focus on building strength.

Climbs and Hold Level 1:

Start learning to work vertically with the pole. You will learn how to climb the pole and different holds and modifications for vertical travel. There will be no going upside down in this class. It will focus on the proper techniques for staying on the pole.

Climbs and Holds Level 2:

Building from Level 1, this class will introduce more advanced climbs along with dropping descents.

Inverts Level 1:

Flip your world upside down! Start learning how to maneuver your body to go upside down on the pole. In this class, you will learn the basics of inversions.

Inverts Level 2:

Take your inverts to the next level. This class will take you from 3 points of contact to 2 points. Challenge yourself and grow your bag of tricks.


If you haven’t mastered everything in one level but would like to join a different level we require you to obtain instructor consent prior to joining a higher level class.


Private Pole

We also offer private pole classes with Jacqueline or Libby for those who would like a bit more privacy or one-on-one attention.